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Franchise Opportunities for Women

Did you know that 25% of today’s franchise owners are women according to the International Franchise Association? Franchise opportunities for women are continuing to grow, particularly those that enable women to create the lifestyle they want while developing a business at their own pace.

Stay at home moms, businesswomen wanting to run their own show, retired military women, and empty nesters are all finding fulfillment with the many available franchise opportunities for women.

Franchises for women allow those with a passion for business and great organizational skills to take control of their destiny. Adding to this are home-based franchise opportunities including the new Maid Simple House Cleaning™ franchise from Maid Brigade. For a low $18,500 investment this exciting franchise model is a new, flexible option.

Below are four things to consider when evaluating the different franchise opportunities available.

1. What are your resources?

Setting goals and having a plan to achieve them is crucial. Start by assessing your own resources. Look at franchises tailored to women that offer financing and provide ongoing marketing and sales support.

2. Work in or out of the home?

Are you looking for franchise opportunities that are adaptable and home-based? If so, be sure to consider this as you evaluate your options. Not all franchises can be operated from an in-home office and some franchisors, such as Maid Brigade, offer different models at a number of investment levels to suit varying needs.

3. Do you want direct interaction with your customers?

In a service business, positive and direct customer interaction is a critical component for success. It is important that before you buy a service-focused franchise, you evaluate your skill set, business style, and comfort level with direct customer interaction. There are a large number of women’s franchise opportunities that fall in a host of categories to fit your goals and lifestyle.

4. Does the franchise model you are considering offer business tools and support?

Look at all of the resources provided as part of any franchise model. These can include financing, billing and payment processing, onsite training, customer acquisition, website support, marketing materials, and technology tools. Determine what the franchisor will provide to you and what resources you will need to purchase or develop on your own before making your final selection.

At Maid Brigade, we have several franchise opportunities for women to meet your personal lifestyle and career goals!

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