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Maid Simple House Cleaning of Grand Prairie, TX.


Division of labor, but a unified team!

Sergio Ballesteros & his wife, Rebekah, purchased a Maid Simple House Cleaning franchise in March of 2016. From the beginning, the Ballesteros couple knew that they would be hiring a manager to handle the day-to-day operations while they continued with their careers. However, having a manager in place has not led to passive ownership at all; Sergio is involved with the business on a daily basis – which has aided the fast-paced growth experienced with their location. Sergio regularly attends networking events and meetings as part of the community networking plan.

Sergio explained his position on hiring a manager. “First of all, your manager is your right-hand person, Sandra is vital to our success. The three of us [Rebekah, Sandra, and Sergio] meet regularly to strategize, discuss any challenges, and also discuss new opportunities.

By dividing the responsibilities between us, we are able to ensure that we have our community networking covered, customer relationships cultivated, new team members hired and trained correctly, marketing plans implemented etc. I may be driving the business side of things, but we are definitely all committed to working as a team.”

When asked if he considered Maid Simple as an investment, he stated “You cannot just think of this as some type of investment that will do well from passive ownership, that’s a recipe for failure. First, you must have the right manager to help, then as the owner you have to be very involved even if you’re not physically in the homes.”

With so much emphasis on the manager, we asked her – Sandra, for her thoughts on Maid Simple. “I retired from teaching several years ago, but wanted to stay busy with some kind of challenging opportunity. The retail and food industries didn’t really appeal to me, but when Sergio discussed the position as manager, it seemed like a good fit. I get to work with customers directly, which I really love, plus the hiring and training of new staff comes naturally, probably from the teaching. Sergio holds strategy sessions, so I feel like I’m part of a cohesive team.”

With many choices available for franchise ownership, we asked Sergio what set Maid Simple apart from other franchise models. “It’s a low cost of entry, with low overhead, but the training and ongoing support has been strong. The model has been flexible to accommodate our lifestyle and careers.

We have three children, two very active sons (13 and 7 year old), plus an infant (5 months), so you can imagine that Rebekah and I were excited to find an opportunity that would allow us to balance our time between family and work. Rebekah brings an “out of the box” perspective to all aspects of the business, but is especially good at incentivizing staff and communicating with our customers.

We are so proud of our many referrals. We make an effort to exceed our customers’ expectations, and they are sharing such positive reviews with others. Grass roots marketing is so important

We all form a very unique and hard-working Maid Simple Team.  Our diverse backgrounds, passion for the business, and our drive to exceed our customer expectations have helped us build a solid foundation for our franchise.  When we combine this with the awesome support of the Atlanta Team, the sky is the limit for our business and we have every intention to be the number one Maid Simple Team in the country.”


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