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Maid Simple House Cleaning of Fort Wayne

With an impressive nine-year military career serving in both the Air Force and Army, Jeffries medically retired in 2011. After relocating to Fort Wayne, IN, she and her husband Corey – also a service disabled veteran – were ready for a fresh start. The business structure and lifestyle options led Jeffries to pursue franchising.

“After my career in the military ended, I looked at franchising because it was a perfect fit for me,” comments Jeffries. “I didn’t want to work for anyone else. I was determined to set a positive example for my daughters and to show them that a woman can successfully run her own business.”

Jeffries thoroughly researched franchise businesses that were in high demand by today’s consumers. Due to the vast business potential of the cleaning services industry, she decided upon a maid service franchise. Jeffries contacted Maid Simple House Cleaning and the rest is history.

“Out of every franchise I researched, Maid Simple was the most attractive to me because of its home-based model, low investment, and extensive training and support,” says Jeffries. “The marketing and advertising program to get me initial customers was also a huge selling point for me.”

Her biggest piece of advice to others considering a franchise investment is to talk to other franchisees. “Do your homework,” comments Jeffries. “I appreciated speaking with Maid Simple franchisees about their successes, challenges, and insight into the business. It gave me the confidence that Maid Simple was the right choice for me and that I possessed the skills needed to be a success.”

Jeffries doesn’t hesitate to say that her military background has been, and continues to be, a major part of the reason she is equipped to run her own business. She attributes her motivation and attention to detail to the years she spent as a servicewoman.

“Maid Simple lays out the steps for success in advance. All you need to do is follow them,” says Jeffries. “As an airman/soldier, I am skilled at following instructions and completing tasks. By following the Maid Simple guidelines and using the tools provided, I know I will be successful.”

Jeffries encourages other veterans and also women interested in running their own business to check out Maid Simple. As a relatively new franchisee, she is ecstatic about her achievements so far.

“At first Maid Simple seemed too good to be true, to be honest,” comments Jeffries. “But everything they said they were going to do, they have done. I’m excited for my future.”

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