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Nancy Panico

Maid Simple House Cleaning of West Orlando, FL

“Franchising offers the training and support for everything that prevented me from venturing out on my own. With Maid Simple, I can be my “own boss” while benefiting from the history, knowledge, and experience of a team of people whose purpose is to help me succeed.”


Maid Simple House Cleaning of Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“Owning a Maid Simple House Cleaning franchise has changed my life in a way I would have never imagined.” – Michael

“Maid Simple House Cleaning has given us success and balance in both our professional and personal lives.” – Stephanie

“One of the key areas of support for us was marketing. Maid Simple House Cleaning thought of everything, when our doors opened we had customers waiting.” – Stephanie


Maid Simple House Cleaning of Campbellsville, KY

“The marketing materials were of wonderful quality, I have had nothing but compliments from every customer.” – Perry

“The Sales Center stands out as an invaluable feature.” – Perry

“I remember a lot of excitement from Corporate, everything we needed was done on the spot.” – Kim


Maid Simple House Cleaning of Grand Rapids, MI

“I chose Maid Simple House Cleaning because the business model made sense. There are no monthly fees, royalties are only paid on cleanings, plus there are no additional charges for the call center that schedules all of my initial bookings. I love having a team handling my calls because then I can dedicate my time to grow this into a thriving business; I’ve always been customer service oriented so I’m looking forward to making customers my priority and developing long lasting relationships.”

“The on-site training was very helpful, I enjoyed learning how to clean professionally – I wasn’t quite as good as I thought! This matters because I’ll be doing most of the cleanings to start so I want to be efficient and do a great job. When I hire maids, my experience from cleaning will enable me to train them correctly.” 

“The Home Office has provided excellent marketing assistance for printed pieces, online advertising, and even social media. “

“After helping my wife launch her wedding photography business 8 years ago, I think that having the structure of a Maid Simple franchise makes starting a new business a lot easier.”


Maid Simple House Cleaning of South Los Angeles, CA

“Prior to becoming a Maid Simple House Cleaning franchise owner, I was the director of a Pre-School/Headstart Program for thirteen years. My previous career required great interpersonal skills, and I think that helps with being able to communicate with my Maid Simple customers now.”

“Maid Simple’s affordable fee made it very attractive; $6,995 is a small price to be your own boss! I enjoy working with the customers to help them get their home or small office clean; I think they can sense that I really care about their satisfaction and I’m honest and hard working.”

“I have enjoyed the support that I have received from everyone at Maid Simple. I am very excited about growing this business, MY business, to its fullest potential.”


Maid Simple House Cleaning of Clermont, FL

“I knew that business ownership was the right path for me, I’d done it before and really enjoyed the autonomy. I knew that the structure of a franchise would benefit me greatly. When I thought about what I liked to do, working with people and developing long lasting relationships was high on the list.”

“I wanted a franchise that had experience, something stable. Maid Simple was a good choice because it’s the sister company to Maid Brigade, which has been in business for over 30 years. When I met the staff at Discovery Day I learned that many of them had been with the company for a long time, 10+ years, so I’d be getting support from people that had helped lots of franchisees before me.”


Maid Simple House Cleaning of Grand Prairie, TX

“You cannot just think of this as some type of investment that will do well from passive ownership, that’s a recipe for failure. First, you must have the right manager to help, then as the owner you have to be very involved even if you’re not physically in the homes.”

“It’s a low cost of entry, with low overhead, but the training and ongoing support has been strong. The model has been flexible to accommodate our lifestyle and careers. We have three children, two very active sons (13 and 7 year old), plus an infant (5 months), so you can imagine that Rebekah and I were excited to find an opportunity that would allow us to balance our time between family and work.”


Maid Simple of Aurora, CO

“I loved the professionalism and the support from the start. Then when I met the corporate staff in Atlanta, I knew it was a good match. They are very open and can be easily reached.”

“My old job called, they really want me back! There is NO WAY I’d go back. I love being an entrepreneur and owning a Maid Simple franchise.”

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