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Franchise Opportunities in Massachusetts

Launching a franchise opportunity in Massachusetts is a big decision and getting the right training, business development, and marketing support from your franchisor will ease your transition into the business and serve as a catalyst for success. When evaluating the attributes of purchasing a Massachusetts franchise opportunity, look closely at what training programs, materials, and resources are available to support you throughout the life of your business.

Below is a checklist of three key support assets to look for when evaluating a franchise training program.

1. Thorough Pre-Opening Training

Many franchisors provide comprehensive and informative classes that cover fundamental franchise business topics including: operations, personnel, finance, sales, marketing, and technology. At Maid Brigade, we offer onsite training with both of our franchise opportunities– Maid Simple House Cleaning™ and Maid Brigade Franchise Territory – where our franchise experts travel to you to train you in person! This early training process is designed to make you feel comfortable, knowledgeable, confident, and empowered to kick start your business.

2. Mentors

There’s no better source of guidance than someone who has walked in your shoes. With our Maid Brigade Franchise Territory opportunity in Massachusetts, we match you with a peer franchisee who serves as your mentor. This is someone who has been through the trials and tribulations of beginning a franchise operation. Peer mentors offer you real-world experience about business operations, management, standard operating procedures, customer service and care, sales, marketing, and general business issues. This type of quality training is a vital part of making your franchise business a success.

3. Continuous Support and Training

Say you’ve operated a successful franchise in Massachusetts for one month, six months, one year – does that mean the support and training stops? It shouldn’t. Great franchisors offer support and training ongoing, as well as opportunities to interface with peers, share knowledge, and trouble shoot challenges during the course of the year. Look for continual training options such as annual conventions, regional meetings, and on-site visits from franchisor management, franchise advisors, and marketing teams. These provide opportunities to learn about fresh and exciting programs that have been developed and to exchange ideas with other fellow franchisees. Also make certain your franchisor offers regular advanced training classes to owners, managers, and staff members. Be sure to join available franchise committees or groups that offer lasting support in the form of technology, marketing, operations, and management functions. Access to online training videos, DVDs, how-to manuals, webinars, and other programs and support tools is also a must.

Smart franchisors understand that the training tools they offer franchisees help create a profitable and rewarding franchise business. Most of the solid franchise opportunities in Massachusetts will come with a support program from which you can benefit.

Find out why the Maid Brigade training and support program in Massachusetts is the best in the residential cleaning industry!

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