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Interested in Buying a Franchise in 2017? Here’s How to Start

Although the franchise acquisition process is streamlined for your convenience, you must put in a little bit of legwork to assess the viability of the opportunity in question. To ensure your selected business model will thrive under your care, you must research the franchise opportunity and local market before forging ahead with the acquisition process. In addition, taking a close look at your financial readiness and reviewing the resources open to you can help verify that you are prepared to launch your franchise and forge ahead toward business success. Here’s how to begin the process of buying a franchise in 2017.

Research Phase

The research phase will help you learn all you can about the franchise in question and its viability in your local market. Start by reviewing the Franchise Disclosure Document in full to learn about your rights and responsibilities, and expense expectations. If you have any trouble deciphering the information in this document, obtain counsel from a legal representative to receive clarification.

Completing some preliminary market research can also help you determine if your favored franchise opportunity can exceed your performance expectations. Look for successful industry competitors and verify that the market is not already overly saturated with your intended service offerings.  You want to find a nice balance between competitor presence and market openings to predict your potential for business success in this realm.

Capital Verification

Beyond the total investment in the franchise opportunity, you must identify the working capital you have to rely on until the revenues reach the breakeven point and beyond. Your existing funds should cover all expenses for at least the first month or two to give your franchise a chance to start producing positive returns on your investment.

A portion of your available funds should be in cash to keep some of your resources liquid during the initial startup stage, which is common practice for all small business opportunities. Be prepared for financial ups and downs for the first year or more until your franchise develops a strong client base.

Resource Review

Unlike other small business opportunities, buying a franchise gives you immense access to resources designed to improve your chance of success on the local market. You should review the resources open to you to determine if you will have all the tools you need to hit the ground running.

Onsite training, with opportunities for continued support, should be number one on the list of resources. Scheduling tools, business equipment and marketing support are a few other items to check for while evaluating each franchise opportunity. The resources offered to you during the franchise acquisition stage should make you feel fully prepared to begin offering your services to the surrounding community.

Going Ahead with Buying a Franchise Today

Once you verify these three areas, you are likely ready to begin the acquisition of your chosen franchise. At this point, you can call the franchise hotline directly or fill out an online form to receive your startup packet. If you would like to start your own housecleaning company, consider the Maid Simple franchise model. To learn more call, 800-722-6243 or fill out an online form to receive access to informative webinars and other important information.

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