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How to Open a Franchise: The First Steps to Take After Buying a Franchise

A franchise opportunity allows you to adopt the role of a business owner and operator without having to concern yourself with the initial development of a winning strategy. You simply take a proven business formula and set up shop in your own region to begin your path to success. Although the franchise comes built in with the tools and techniques you need to succeed, you must hit the ground running to truly achieve your business goals. Here are the first steps you need to take after buying a franchise opportunity to open up shop with confidence.

Complete Onsite Training Sessions

Your success as a franchise owner and operator depends on the thorough adoption of the practices, products and techniques vetted by the lead company. Upon making this investment, you will have a six-week start up period, during which time you will work with your support team, community networking coach, and other members of the corporate office to learn all about the effective methods used for your operations. Your trainer will even arrive onsite to assist you in understanding the most effective cleaning procedures to utilize in your clients’ homes.

Familiarize Yourself with the Tools and Software

Even after receiving training on how to open a franchise, you will need to actively familiarize yourself with the tools and software you will use during the workday. Take the time to operate each cleaning tool, and activate all the included features, to learn how to effectively complete the desired tasks. Navigate through the provided online schedule system to learn how to access upcoming appointments and keep a close eye on the calendar.

Prepare Local Marketing Materials

In the first six months after buying a franchise, you will receive up to $500 a month in matched dollars for your advertising campaigns. A combination of online, print, and community networking will be used to attract interest from clients and demonstrate how your company can help streamline their daily tasks. You can use the results from the provided marketing techniques as inspiration for the development of your own unique tactics for gaining the trust of your targeted client base.

Develop a Close Working Relationship with Your Clients

Once you attract clients to your franchise, you must continually impress them with your excellent cleaning services to create an extensive following. You can facilitate a close working relationship with your clients by ensuring you or your team members arrive onsite on time and ready to perform the listed cleaning services. In addition, keep the lines of communication open with your clients to build their trust and facilitate a lasting relationship.

Hire Additional Help as Your Franchise Grows

Whether you begin this journey as an owner-operator or manager, you will need to hire additional help as your franchise grows in size and scope. Your ability to build a trustworthy and well-trained team of professional cleaners will help you continue to expand your business operations well into the future. To achieve true success, always screen and train your team members to ensure they live up to your expectations and perform the cleaning routines using the establish methodologies.

If you are ready to begin your journey as a local business owner, learn more about buying a franchise by contacting the team at Maid Simple today. With just a single call, you will receive the support you need to succeed in the cleaning industry.


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