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How do People Decide On a Cleaning Franchise? Our Interview On Business Radio X

Maid Simple specializes in helping you find a cleaning franchise that’s easy to own, operate, and run, for under ten thousand dollars. We have franchises across the US and Canada. We’ve learned a lot about franchising over our years in business, so we’re excited to be able to share our insights with potential franchisees. This month, Raychel Sullins from Maid Simple had the opportunity to join AIS Media CEO Thomas Harpointner on Business Radio X to discuss our business model and digital marketing.

Maid Simple is the little sister to Maid Brigade, which has been in business for over thirty years. With Maid Simple franchises, we wanted to offer our customers a more affordable starting point for getting into cleaning franchises, while still providing all of the support that goes along with opening a franchise. Our franchisees typically start off as owner-operators, and hire maids to join them. It’s a little bit of a target market: Maid Brigade is the Rolls Royce of cleaning services, and Maid Simple is the Lexus.

On the program, we answer a number of questions about owning a cleaning franchise business:

  • How do people decide on a franchise? – we ask our potential franchisees what kind of franchise they’re looking for when they come to a discovery day. A lot of people just know that they want a business, so we look at how we want to attract people. There are separate silos of keywords and marketing terms for people who are looking for a franchise in general, and for those who are looking specifically for a cleaning service.
  • Who is typically interested in franchises? – we get a variety of potential customers. That includes retired executives who still want a business to work on, to anyone who just wants a business with low overhead that can bring in a steady income. We have people from all professions getting into franchises, as long as they’re willing to put the work into it to make it successful.
  • Do Franchises get passed down to the next generation of owners? – Often, they do! We’ve seen franchise owners with children who come back from college, having seen what’s out there, and they know that owning a franchise is a very reliable business. It stems from the amount of support that we provide, combined with a solid business plan.
  • How do we adjust our marketing? – A big trend that we’ve noticed is that customers are very attuned to their communities. People want to buy, eat, and shop locally, and for that reason we want to focus on community networking with our franchisees. If you own a local franchise, getting involved with that community shows that you care, which is why we often recommend that our franchisees do some charity work. It’s a great way to establish yourself in a community, and do some work for a good cause at the same time.

If you’re interested in learning more about owning a cleaning franchise, contact us today, and watch a segment of the interview below!

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