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Franchises Under 10K: Why You Should Consider a Housekeeping Franchise

When franchises rose in popularity in the 1960s, entrepreneurs scrambled to make their business model viable in this marketplace. Through the decades, thousands of franchised companies have entered the market. Unfortunately for those wanting to become franchise owners, the surge in popularity in the franchise marketplace can make it feel nearly impossible to know just which business model to choose. Thankfully, the residential house cleaning franchise model transforms a difficult decision into an easy one by offering a ton of benefits that other franchises under 10K just cannot beat.  

Low Operating Costs

Franchises under 10K rarely give you all the tools you need to begin your daily operations, but that is not the case with the residential house cleaning business model. You will have cleaning tools and products plus scheduling software at your disposal immediately after acquiring the franchise. Since the equipment usually lasts for several years before needing replacement, you only need to replenish your cleaning products, so your operating costs remain low well into the future.

Extensive Training Program

With a house cleaning franchise, you receive extensive training that enables you to expertly clean and sanitize the homes you service. Across five to six weeks of training, you will learn how to analyze the needs of each household before diving into the cleaning process. You will also learn how to best utilize the tools and products needed to clean and restore every household surface. Your training sessions help you prepare to teach your own maids how to complete the necessary tasks to ensure your franchise can grow with your customer base.

Multiple Growth Paths

Through the years of owning a house cleaning franchise, you can choose to complete the daily cleans yourself or send out a crew of trained professionals. You can even expand your business to support multiple crews working on several houses at once. A house cleaning franchise allows you to remain in direct control of your business size and scope. With other franchise options, you may have to work within a tight ruleset that does not allow you to scale and grow to its full potential.

Opportunities for Repeat Business

As long as you do a great job for each customer, a house cleaning franchise naturally encourages clients to acquire repeat service from your company. Many clients even want housekeepers to come through their household at least once a week to keep the space tidy and sanitized. You can easily keep your schedule full by ensuring your customers receive the best quality of care and support from your cleaning crew.

Ability to Help Others in Their Daily Lives

When households acquire housecleaning services, they are usually in dire need of support in their daily lives. By cleaning and sanitizing the household, you are directly helping people meet their career and family goals. Your clients delegate those responsibilities to your company, so they can focus their efforts to the areas that matter the most to them. You enable them to do that without having to compromise on the state of their household.

Acquire a House Cleaning Franchise Today

If you want to start your journey toward owning a successful franchise, contact the team at Maid Simple to learn more about this smart opportunity. Upon selecting this option above the rest, you will receive the training and tools you need to own and operate a successful business. The established business model makes running a house cleaning franchise easier than expected and truly enjoyable. 


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