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  1. What is the total up-front investment in a Maid Simple House Cleaning™ franchise?

    Our complete turnkey package is $9,995. For this initial investment, we will provide everything you need to start your business. For details, click here. We also offer special incentives for Veterans.

    No credit card fees:
    Most franchisors require franchisees to absorb the costs of credit card processing. A standard fee can range between 2.5% and 4% per transaction. We absorb these fees for the life of your contract.

    Free access to online software:
    The right software can help you manage your business seamlessly, yet software can be costly. To avoid surprising you with burdensome hidden costs, we include the cost of the software in your royalty fee. No extra charge to use our time-tested scheduling software!

    Professionally tested and developed marketing:
    Many franchisors charge a national advertising fund fee of 1%-2%. In contrast, we provide at no extra charge to you marketing and advertising developed by experienced marketing professionals – with proven programs that drive customers to your business.

    Simply put, a Maid Simple House Cleaning™ franchise offers you a tremendous value.

  2. Our Dedicated Sales Team answers your customers’ inquiries and schedules your appointments at no extra cost to you. Is this true?

    Yes! Unlike most other home cleaning franchise companies, we include an exclusive dedicated sales team as part of our franchise package. Our sales center is supported by a team of dedicated sales professionals who understand your pricing, geography and customer service. Our Sales Team is proud to work with you and for you, while making sure that every call is answered with the professional courtesy your valuable customers deserve.
  3. What makes a Maid Simple House Cleaning™ franchise so different from other home cleaning franchises?

    A Maid Simple House Cleaning™ franchise is truly a turnkey package. Unlike other home cleaning franchise companies, we do not charge franchisees for additional territory or the use of our National Sales Center. We do not require you to purchase uniforms or a fleet of branded cars. You may choose to use our National Resource Center for cleaning supplies, it’s your choice. We do not charge you marketing fees.
  4. What ongoing support can you expect from Maid Simple House Cleaning™?

    Maid Simple House Cleaning™ provides continuous support throughout the life of your business. Through ongoing communication via phone, email, webinars training and the sharing of best practices, you are in business for yourself but never by yourself.
  5. Do we offer franchise training? If so, where?

    We conduct training at no cost to you at your home office. It is a one day training that covers every aspect of the day-to-day operations of your business – including grass-roots marketing, home-cleaning best practices, our scheduling software, customer management, cleaning supplies, accounting and training employees. Our action-packed training prepares you to aggressively kick-start your business and create a buzz in your community.
  6. Does Maid Simple House Cleaning™ require you to have a fleet of cars, uniforms and a storefront?

    No. Our goal is to help you succeed by minimizing your overhead and keeping your overall investment reasonable. You can operate your Maid Simple House Cleaning™ franchise from the comfort of your own home office without the additional overhead of a fleet of cars, uniforms or a storefront.
  7. Do you need to purchase all supplies and equipment through the Maid Simple House Cleaning™ corporate office?

    No. The beauty of our model is that unlike other franchisors that require their franchisees to buy their branded products, we allow you to buy from a recommended list of supplies available in your own community. There are no shipping delays and no frustrations. However, our resource center is available to you if you prefer to use our products.
  8. Does Maid Simple House Cleaning™ provide scheduling software to help manage the day-to-day operations of the business?

    Yes, we provide franchisees access to an online calendar/scheduling system that provides up-to-date information on scheduled visits. For consistency, everyone who has anything to do with scheduling your appointments – our Dedicated Sales Team, your support team and you – all use this same system. The system also functions as an online database of all prospects and customers, so you can design and run reports from within the system.As backup, we also store all appointments offline in a proprietary system used internally by the support team. This database contains more comprehensive information and is used to generate daily reports for franchisees, which include field sheets and route logs. Field sheets provide detailed home and cleaning information for each visit. Route logs provide a compiled summary of visits and are used to “close out” the visits so that we know if there were any changes, such as reschedules, price changes or changes in payment type.
  9. How much flexibility can you expect as an owner of a Maid Simple House Cleaning™ franchise?

    Business ownership often comes with long, arduous hours and a lack of balance between work and family. Maid Simple House Cleaning™ offers you a regular work schedule with optional nights and weekends. Your business is scalable, which means you can grow a thriving home cleaning business within a comprehensive system.
  10. What qualities do you need to be a strong Maid Simple House Cleaning™ franchisee?

    A Maid Simple House Cleaning™ franchisee is a people person who is hard working, enthusiastic and organized with an entrepreneurial spirit. Our best franchisees appreciate the importance of customer service and have a goal to run their own business. They are able to take direction from a company with a proven track record, yet can make their own decisions and enjoy the benefits of being part of a great franchise system.
  11. Will you have the opportunity to meet the Maid Simple House Cleaning™ corporate team before making a decision to move forward?

    Yes. We ask all potential franchisees to come to our corporate office in Atlanta, Georgia, for a Discovery Day. This is the final stage of the process once you have completed your due diligence. Discovery Day allows you to meet all of the key members of our corporate team, including those who will be supporting you on a day-to-day basis. Meeting face to face lets us both make sure that we are a good fit before signing a final agreement. It’s a fun day, and we look forward to meeting you!
  12. Are you required to do the cleaning yourself?

    Our franchisees are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and work. Many do all of their own cleaning. Others work alongside their employees. Like all successful business owners, they wear many hats. The important thing is that they visit every job and work at building trusting relationships with their customers.
  13. Will you receive a protected territory?

    Most companies within our industry charge for an initial base territory and increase franchisees’ costs by charging for additional households per territory. These additional households drive up the cost of the territory and the overall investment significantly. Our franchisees concentrate on a primary geographic area of responsibility, for which there is no charge because it is another key difference that keeps your investment affordable. Why pay for territory when we have no intention of placing another franchisee in your market? We want to see you succeed and save you money!
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