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Affordable franchises: Why You Should Consider a Cleaning Franchise

If you’ve made up your mind to get into franchising, you have a lot of big decisions on your hands. The biggest is what kind of business you want to go with. Choosing the right franchise, and the right kind of business, determines everything that comes after, from the kind of support you’ll get to the amount of business-and ultimately, profit-you’ll be able to make. If you haven’t yet considered buying into a cleaning franchise, here are four reasons why you should.

The Cleaning Business Market Is Stable

The service you’ll be providing is one that a lot of people need on a very consistent basis. The market doesn’t ride waves as much as some others do, so you can rely on a steady stream of customers, and reliable business.  This kind of steady business makes a franchise model much stronger.

A Simple Service That Offers Repeat Business

The service that we offer is very straightforward: it doesn’t require convincing anyone that they need it, or any explanation of what it is. It’s something that everyone understands. This makes the marketing process much easier. It’s also a service that gets you repeat business for the same customers, so you don’t have to chase new ones quite as often.  It’s not uncommon to get weekly business from the same customers. The service is also non-cyclical, which means that you can count on business year-round. People need their homes cleaned regardless of the time of year.

Low Up Front Costs Makes for an Affordable Franchise

Investing in a cleaning franchise is, simply, a monetary strategy that makes sense. You won’t have to put all of your savings on the line, not requiring the hundreds of thousands of dollars that some franchises do. For less than $10K, you can get started with a cleaning franchise. You also avoid big startup costs or investments in machinery or real estate.

With Maid Simple, the home-based office and plentiful supply of marketing materials gives you a head start on costs. It’s a franchise that doesn’t have car or uniform requirements, plus purchasing additional supplies can be done through the Resource Center, or you can replenish locally.

Regular Hours, Non-Intensive Training

Cleaning franchises are fairly easy to maintain. They don’t require you to be up at all hours of the night like some fast-food franchises do. You get very regular hours, as most people only want their houses cleaned during the day. The training process also takes less time, due in part to the fact that cleaning is a very trainable skill. Cleaning safely and effectively takes knowledge, but those more technical skills are easy to teach, allowing you to focus on other things.

If you’re interested in buying a franchise, we recommend that you consider a residential cleaning franchise as an affordable alternative to some of the franchises that can really break your bank-especially if they go poorly. Residential cleaning franchises have a simple, smooth process, are easy to get started, and provide a very reliable stream of business. Contact us if you have any questions, or if you’re ready to take the next step toward owning your own franchise! 800-722-6243

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